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It's been a rather eventful last couple of days for moi.

Firstly, we made the trip down to Kew on Friday to see my surgeon again...

...only this time there was quite a festive feeling in the car because we were driving down to find out when I will be finally having surgery.

When we arrived I couldn't go and lay down to wait for my surgeon in the spare room right next to the front door which has been the case every other time as the room was taken.

This turned out to be a VERY good thing as my surgeon had only ever seen me laying down.

Anyway we ended up waiting in the waiting area and after sitting for a few minutes I had to lay down on the carpet.

Thankfully he wasn't much longer and when he called out my name and he saw me 'walk' to his room for the first time I think it gave him a bit of a shock.

Once in his rooms and comfy on his patients bed we confirmed that I definitely wanted to go ahead with the L4/5 Prosterior Lumber Interbody Fusion.

Once that was agreed he said his nurse will book the next available date and then run through the paper work with us and run through what we needed to know.

The Nurse when she arrived was lovely and she had me booked in to have the surgery on the 25th of August however as we were wrapping up she realized my surgeon would not be available that day.

You could tell from how flushed her face got that she was mortified though we were fine with it and she promised to call later that afternoon with another date.

By the time we arrived back home I was exhausted and in pain so I took a couple of pain killers and went to sleep for a couple of hours.

Before I went to sleep I couldn't help feeling annoyed that I may have to wait until September or October for the surgery.

Then I had to remind myself how fortunate I am able to afford to use the Private Health System here in Australia.

Even though the Private Health system is a slow process it's no way as slow as the Public Health System.

If you have a life threatening condition you can get surgery right away using the Public system which is totally free thanks to Medicare...

...however even if you have a life crippling condition then the waiting lists to see a surgeon in the public system alone can take many months.

To give you an example when my GP wrote up the referral to see a surgeon she sent it off to the Public System and I'm yet to receive a letter with a date and time to even see a surgeon.

Since I'm fortunate to have Private Cover I could choose the surgeon to see, and was able to get an appointment within a few weeks.

If I had no choice but to use the Public System I wouldn't be having surgery until sometime next year or even later!

So with that on mind I went to sleep and when Nicola woke me up still feeling drowsy the first thing I asked her was, "Did the Nurse ring with another date?"

I was expecting to hear a date in September or October until Nicola explained the nurse told her a guy called in having to cancel his fusion surgery because he was sick.

Now this rarely happens as the Nurse told us when she was explaining everything that people will turn up half dead rather than miss their surgery.

My surgeon then because he had seen me 'walk' thus witnessed how crippled I am by this prolapse suggested to his Nurse to offer his spot to me.

So instead of having to wait 2 months I'm now going to be having the fusion surgery this coming Tuesday the 29th of July!

I couldn't believe it and said yes call her back and tell her I'll take it.

The thought of spending the next two months bedridden and crippled by pain when like a gift from heaven now I don't have to wait and can have the surgery on Tuesday feels amazing.

I feel sorry for the guy that had to cancel however so grateful Damien offered me his spot first.

If he hadn't if seen me laying on the carpet and then hobble to his room he may have offered it to someone else.

So boom it all had to start happening.

Yesterday I had to get a blood test and ECG done which the anesthetist will need the results for before Tuesday so I had to get that done ASAP

Once again when I got back home I had to take two pain killers and go to sleep for a couple of hours.

It felt fabulous to wake up and know this will all very soon be over.

I'm getting admitted at 6.30 am Tuesday morning and since it will be a five hour surgery I'll be my surgeons first surgery for the morning.

Depending on how it all goes I could be in hospital for anywhere from 3 to 7 days and could very likely be back home recovering this time next week!

My surgeon is literally going to take the protrusion off the nerve root and then take out my L4/5 discs and build a cage with some of my bone in its place with bolts and rods to hold it all in place much like scaffolding.

The idea is the bone will grow over the area and fuse it all.

This total fusing healing process takes 12 months.

Since I had a joint removed I'm like a car with 3 wheels so that's why disc replacement surgery is not an option for me.

I'll have to wear a brace for the first few months and I'll get the staples out after 10 days.

Then I'll have an ex ray done to see if the bone has started to grow and begun fusing when I see my surgeon 6 weeks after surgery.

So now instead of waiting for surgery I'll be recovering from surgery and getting through the first critical 6 weeks.

Only two more sleeps to go and even though I feel terrified as there are no guarantees I feel excited more as I know this has to be done.

That's because since prolapsing my L4/5 discs for the third time on March 18th I haven't been living with chronic pain, I've been living with acute pain.

It's been HORRIBLE

If you've ever prolapsed your discs and had the protrusion on your nerves for months cripple you until you could have surgery I know you know exactly what I mean.

Sadly, there is no book, meditation, lotion, pill, patch, mantra, chant, visualization, or even 'healing webinar' that is going to take the protrusion off my nerve.

Only having surgery can do that.

Only this time instead of another discectomy, considering all the pain my L4/5 discs have caused me over the last 14 years I'm delighted to have the fusion and get them removed so they can never EVER prolapse again.

I say good riddens to them.

I accept nothing including surgery will magically replace the joint I had removed, return all the bone taken out, repair the damage to my sciatic nerve, or return my back to how it was before I first seriously injured it...

...however I am over joyed that having the surgery will deal with the acute pain that has crippled me the last four months...

...and for that I will be eternally grateful and any else will simply be a bonus.

Yes only two more sleeps to go.

I think it's interesting how some of the most powerful emotions we can feel, literally forces on the planet at least in English consist of only 4 little letters like...


When it comes to love when you feel that gorgeous emotion delight in it and feel it as much as you can as it is all good and helps counter balance hate.

We all don't mind feeling love as it's pleasurable unlike for example Fear.

I wonder sometimes how many great books have not been written, albums left incomplete, poetry never begun, relationships never started, children not been born, words left unsaid, life changing surgeries avoided, useful products left uncreated and visionary companies never launched or closed down before ever really getting started...

...ALL due to Fear.

It sucks doesn't it?
It's sad isn't it?

Being in the home based industry with the Empower Network I can't help thinking of all those people who get started yet never ever do what it really takes for as long as it takes all due to fear too.

I remember David Wood saying on an inner circle audio how who succeeds in your team and who doesn't is totally outside of your control.

This is so true and as a leader whose been building teams for over 14 years one of the most difficult truths to accept.

That's because every leader wants everyone in their team to succeed.

I would love to magically snap my fingers and have boom everyone in our teams making over $100K a year however that's not how it works.

It's up to the individual.

Yes it's up to you like it is up to me.

I can't help but wonder if those that do succeed do so because they have had more practice identifying fear when they feel it, and possess the courage to then take the step required to overcome that fear or self doubt over and over again?

If you want to get more than average results with your Empower business then you need to be willing to do and become what the 3% top income earners in our industry have been willing to do and become.

For example I didn't earn over $200K last year by accident.

(My results are NOT average click here to see average earnings)

If you want to earn over $200K over the next 12 months then you need to be willing to be dedicated, to work hard, develop the communication skills, leadership skills, accept personal responsibility, and pretty much everything stated in our income disclaimer above.

That means getting comfortable with being uncomfortable...

...and having the courage to face and overcome your fears as they pop up too.

Here at Empower we get told clearly what we need to do to be successful.

- Follow the 8 Core Commitments (located in your Fast start training)
- Teach your team to do the same
- Rinse and repeat.

For training and access to how to do the blogging daily, market daily and listen to audio daily part of our 8 core commitments properly own all of our core products as soon as you can which will teach you plus then also qualify you to earn on them too.

No way are you going to make $200K the next 12 months without owning all our core products.

I earned over $200K my first year because I chose to own all our core products back then within 24 hours of signing up too...

...then make it a goal to own our specialty products like I and every other leader does too.

It saddens me that so many beginning their journeys who say they want to earn the big money...

...then choose to ignore the training and advice of those achieving the top 3% results like my above advice...

...and who choose instead 'to first see how it goes' as if it's EN that has to prove itself to them and not the other way around.

That sort of thinking is fear based thinking and that sort of thinking ends badly.

You've started a business so if you want results then you need to be willing to take your business seriously and treat it like a business from day one.

Dipping your toes in the water is for someone about to jump into a pool not for some one wanting to build a successful online business.

You've got to be willing to have an ALL IN mentally...

...and that of course is scary as it will mean doing things again that make you feel uncomfortable.

Now let me just say the truth which is not everyone is suited to our Industry.

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur.

And that's okay in that situation better you figure it out fast and instead do something else to make a living that does suit you...

...however if you got started with in Empower ibecause you have always wanted to run your own business...

...because you've never liked having a Boss and you would rather work hard for yourself than for someone else and you have a genuine desire to inspire others to live and share their own personal truths and beliefs and have the money to do so...

...then there is no reason why you can't be as successful as you can imagine you can be.

So to help you conquer fear when it shows itself time and time again...

...whether you have just begun your journey or not here's are 10 Tips To Overcoming Fear as yes Fear will be your only competitor:-

Watch this video and/or Click here to get started and start overcoming your fears as well today.


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The drive down to Melbourne to see my surgeon Dr Damien again last Friday was a silent one.

Going through both our minds was whether he would finally after being so thorough say yes to surgery.

The nerve block epidural had well and truly provided relief yet since most of the effects had started wearing off Nicola and I were both concerned he would consider this was not a good thing.

I can't remember who brought up the elephant hanging in the car until we both agreed to not worry about something that hadn't even happened yet.

This was our 4th visit to see him and once again even though his rooms are in Kew and it was a late Friday afternoon we still got a Doris Day parking spot right outside the front.

This time he was on time so we didn't have to twiddle our thumbs for long.

After he asked me a few questions about the nerve block and I answered him as honestly as I could he told me he would do surgery.

The relief I felt was palpable.

He explained that I had a decision to make.

He could do a discectomy only because this is the third time I've prolapsed my L4/L5 he felt it would only be a matter of time before it prolapses again and/or scar tissue grows on the nerve which would put me right back where I am now only worse.

Instead he would prefer to do a Lumber Interbody Fusion where he would fuse my L4/L5 which would also restrict movement in the area so they don't irritate my nerves.

I was surprised as I shared with him how my other surgeon told me there was no point doing a fusion as my other discs would come down like a house of cards!

He told me there is a risk of my other discs not coping however if that were to happen he could fuse more.

He then said, "Your previous surgeon just didn't want to do the procedure."

And I said,"That doesn't surprise me in the least."

Mr This is as Good as it Gets surgeon was no way ever as thorough as Dr Damien.

Getting a fusion done is far more hard core than a discectomy, however if I had a discectomy instead that would be a band aid approach and I would just end up needing a fusion done in the future anyway which would involve more risks.

Dr Damian told me to take three weeks to think about it and get another opinion if I want to as well.

I said, " I don't need three weeks to decide. No risk. No reward. So let's get a date for the fusion booked now!"

He laughed and told me he will be away for three weeks anyway so he will give me information about it and then we can give him my decision when I see him next on the 25th.

He does two fusions a week and the rest of the time operates on cancer patients so he is very experienced with doing fusions.

Of course getting the fusion done doesn't mean it's going to fix everything that is wrong with my back however he feels confident it will at the very least get me back on my feet out of bed again.

I couldn't help thinking of this quote...

"Nothing in this universe happens just once. Nothing. Infinity goes in both directions there is no unique event, no singular moment."

...which basically means we always get another chance!

At the end of the appointment I was so excited that yes finally I'm going to have surgery that I got off his patient bed too quickly and totally irritated my nerve.

It was so inflamed I barely made it into the back of our car and by the time we arrived in Woodend I couldn't get out of the car!

Nicola drove me to our medical centre where one of the doctors there who knows all about me gave me a morphine injection to help settle it down.

It was hysterical.

Our car was parked on our driveway however I had to wait for the morphine to work properly so I could get out and hobble back to bed.

I didn't care as I was still so excited finally something real is going to be done and that soon this will all be over.

So on the 25th I'm going to tell my surgeon I'm ready to go ahead with the fusion and then a date will be booked which I imagine will be for some time in August.

I'll be in hospital for 5/7 days, will need to wear a back brace for a few months after and it could take years for a good result from the surgery.

I don't care.

Even though it would be a miracle if I don't have to still live with chronic pain after wards all I know is it will have to be better than it is now.

I won't know unless I do it.

Once again, "No Risk. No Reward."

First for the CT Scan Results:-

When I saw my Surgeon again while he was checking out CT Scan results I was watching him do so rather impressed.

That man should play poker if he doesn't already as his expression literally gave nothing away. Lol

Not being able to stand the suspense any longer as soon as he finished looking at the last scan I asked him if there was enough bone left there?

He said, "There is nothing there."

I said, "What do you mean there is nothing there?"

He said, "There is no bone left at all and you've had a joint removed as well."

The whole joint removed thing was news to me only I thought next he was going to tell me he couldn't do the surgery.

Instead having no bone left didn't seem to phase him at all and he just said almost to himself, "Hmm it will be risky."

There I was in the least empowering position of all laying flat on my back on his patient trolly in his room and I said...

..."Look I know my back isn't great. I was housebound for two years because of the damage and I'm not expecting you to be able to fix everything at all.

This latest prolapse has completely crippled me so if you are willing to risk doing the discectomy to get the protrusion off the nerve root even with no bone left there I am willing to risk it as I can't remain the way I am now."

He explained he has a duty of care and the risk isn't on him it's on me and he wants to be sure so before he decides he now wants me to have an anesthetic steroid epidural injected in the area.

It's a lower lumber CT Guided nerve root block and then depending on how my nerve root reacts to the epidural he will be able to decide whether to do the surgery or not.

I told him I've had two nerve blocks in the past before my second surgery which did nothing at all.

He said he is going to send me to some one who knows how to do them properly.

It may make no difference or it could provide some relief as the steroid helps to decrease the swelling and inflammation in the area.

So I'm booked in to get the epidural this Monday and then two weeks after that on the 4th of July I'm booked in to see him again.

He will ask me some questions at that time and depending on my answers he'll know whether to do the surgery or not.

He didn't tell me anything else as he doesn't want to influence how I would answer his questions next time I see him.

I'm cool with that as I appreciate how thorough he is being. 

On the drive back home I was laying down in the back on a mattress while Nicola was in the front driving.

I told her I feel okay about this as the steroid inflammatory drug my pain management doctor put me on for twenty days did give me some relief.

It was why I able to write a few posts over that time so maybe the nerve block will provide more relief too.

Anyway I'm going to go with the flow as what will be will be.

At least he still hasn't said no to surgery so it's not over yet. 

Bring on the 4th of July! < big smile >

Next Getting The Nerve Block...

On the drive down to Melbourne yesterday morning to get the Nerve Block epidural done Nicola once again was in the front driving and I was flat on my back on a mattress in the back.

Nicola then said, "Remember after the nerve block epidural you had three years ago how traumatic it was you said you will never EVER do it again?"

I laughed remembering how I felt that way because the doctor doing it actually punctured my nerve root at the time causing my whole right leg to jump along with searing pain.

All it did was make things worse not better as at that time it was my sciatic nerve that was trapped so had nothing to do with the nerve root area unlike now at all.

I laughed and replied back "Well you can never say never!"

Then as is usually the case it got me thinking of a song called 'Never Say Never.'

It was an alternative song back in the late 80's which I loved and even though I can't remember the name of the band now I can still remember the main lyrics:

Might like you better if we slept together.
Might like you better if we slept together but theirs something in your eyes that tells me maybe that's never...Never say never

Yep kind of hard to forget lyrics like that.

Being serious now I read years ago how:

"You're not a coward if you are frightened. You're a coward if you know what needs to be done and you just don't do it."

I can't remember who wrote those words however they have always stayed with me.

So as anxious and as frightened of having another Nerve Block epidural
made me feel as they have many times before I had those wise words running through my mind which is what helped me just do it anyway!

After all if I didn't agree to do it then there is no way my surgeon will agree to do the surgery.

And if I don't have the discectomy to take the protrusion off the nerve root then I'll remain bedridden and unable to work..

...and that my friend is simply NOT an option.

So I had the epidural yesterday and it went better than I ever expected.

Unlike last time as soon as they injected the anesthetic around my nerve root and protrusion it gave me literally instant relief.

For the first time in months I could actually stand up straight!

The steroid part of it will take a few days to take effect however until the anesthetic wore off eight hours later I enjoyed 8 hours of no pain at all...

...and I'm far more comfortable today and it makes it really obvious to me that it's the protrusion on the nerve root that has crippled me and makes it very likely my surgeon will agree to do the discectomy.

Then it won't be long before I'm back hitting your inboxes real soon and much more again too.


"You're not a coward if you are frightened. You're a coward if you know what needs to be done and you just don't do it."

You can really apply those wise words to any area of your life and business that frightens you.

If I've learned anything it's doing what scares you most which often ends up being the most rewarding thing to do.

When it comes to business I remember when I first joined empower I was scared to get all in as it would max out my credit cards however I did it any way.

I remember when I finally was fit enough to attend my first Event in Denver.

I had never traveled from Australia to the USA alone before

I was scared for so many reasons the main one being that my back wouldn't cope with it and I'd be stranded there with no insurance.

It took me time to get to the point I could do it however as soon as I could I did it anyway as I knew it had to be done.

Now 2 years and three months later I've earned $432,789.00 with Empower though as always my results are not average so please check average earnings right here: http://disclaimer.cristinamunoz.info

It blows me away that this includes not being able to work my business the past five months while I've had to focus on overcoming pro lapsing my L4/L5 now...

...and none of what has happened with my Empower business would have happened if I allowed my numerous fears along the way stop me from doing what I knew needed to be done.


"You're not a coward if you are frightened. You're a coward if you know what needs to be done and you just don't do it."

I hope these words help you as much as they have helped me.

To being courageous no matter what obstacles you face now and in future.

Cristina Munoz


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